What services do we offer?

1/ Glam Van; mobile parlour on wheels – yes this is an actual salon on wheels that arrives at your doorstep, fully equipped with beautiful décor, air conditioning, stereo, mini bar fridge, Hollywood style lighting venetian mirrors.

This option suits bridal parties who possibly don’t have enough room in their own home and or would like simply to have a different fun more relaxed stress free experience.

2/ In-House / Hotel styling service; where the stylists service you and your bridal party inside your house/ Hotel or preferred venue.

Within these two options we offer both a hair styling and make up service. The GlamVan option has a minimum package of four people for both hair and make up.

What regions do we service?

We service all of Sydney including; Outer western Sydney, Inner West, South Sydney, North Sydney, South West Sydney, North western Sydney and the eastern suburbs . However please feel free to ask if your location is not listed and we will make an assessment on a per case basis.

How do I make a booking?

To make an enquiry firstly, simply fill in the enquiry form on the ‘Contact page where you will then be emailed an instant information pack ( PDF file). Once you have read the information pack, simply reply to that email and request a quote preview/ please include correct information such as the service you require, how many people to be serviced, location, time you all need to be ready by and how old are your flower girls are if any/ how long and thick is their hair, so I may quote you accordingly.

You then have two options to proceed with your booking;

1/ request a quote and proceed with a trial, then decide if you wish to confirm or

2/request a quote and choose to confirm first and have a trial( optional) closer to your wedding day. This one particularly best if you wish the Glam Van option as there is only one after all.

Can I book a pre wedding hair and or Make up Trial?

Yes, you may choose to book in a hair styling pre wedding trial and or Make up before you decide to confirm your booking. Although trials are preferred by most clients, they are not compulsory. We ask that a trial is booked in within two weeks of your quote being allocated to you. The stylists assigned know to hold your wedding date till 7 days from your trial date in which, within this time you have to decide to confirm your booking by leaving your requested deposit.

Will the same stylist from my trial service me on my wedding day?

This question comes up often with past brides and the answer is yes, unless that particular stylist falls ill, the next available stylist will step in and be briefed on the style created at the trial. The stylists have a style sheet which they fill in with what style of make up/ hair was created for you with photos, so not to worry.

All Glam van stylists are super dedicated to their craft and they love what they do so they take extra care to be fresh and ready for every wedding .

What brands of make up will be used?

Every make up artist that works for Glam Van is stocked with a variety of their favorite, professional make up brands such as: MAC, NARS, TOO FACED, BENEYE, STILLA, CHANNEL, SO GEOURGEOUSE COSMETICS, , THE MAKE UP STORE etc

If there is a particular brand that you do like to be used on yourself, please make mention upon your booking request.

Do I need a touch up kit for my wedding day?

Yes, a touch up kit is a great idea and comes in very handy for those daily touch ups to keep you looking fresh and picture perfect. Although the make up application is super long wearing, certain things like, shine on the t zone and lipstick wearing off can be easily fixed with your touch up kit. What should you have in your touch up kit? Well a lipstick/ gloss and a pressed translucent powder compact. These are essential and other things like: mini hair spray, comb, mini sewing kit, band aids, tissues, mints, a couple of safety pins and some Panadol can come in very useful.